Allergy Elimination Help Cure Allergies

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Allergies have contributed to 90 million people in the United States that suffer from illnesses related to food and environmental allergies. BioSET™ allergy elimination technique is a process of healing by weaving together the medical disciplines of east and west in a unique new combination. It is a highly effective system to heal, cure and eliminate allergies which focuses on the treatment of allergy related conditions, digestive disorders, immune dysfunction, and many other types of chronic illness.

This new allergy cure elimination technique* and revolutionary method combines beneficial aspects of chiropractic therapeutics, acupuncture theory, homeopathic therapeutics, nutrition, enzyme therapy, muscle testing, electromagnetic testing, and allergy/sensitivity testing and elimination through:

  1. Organ detoxification to enable true drainage and purification of toxins from specific organ systems.
  2. Enzyme therapy: enzyme therapy incorporates proper digestion, metabolic and nutritional analysis and therapeutic use of plant enzymes to facilitate good digestion and correct and eliminate dietary imbalances and deficiencies.
  3. BioSET™ allergy elimination technique that can permanently remove any allergy and cure sensitivity.
  4. Bioenergetic testing: this is the use of either muscle testing and/or electromagnetic testing with a computerized devise such as the EAV machine for sensitivity testing and meridian evaluation.

Carla Wiseman has studied under Dr. Ellen Cutler who's thirty years of clinical research have grounded the principles into a tested set of protocols. BioSET™ ( different from NAET ) allergy elimination and cure has helped thousands of people reverse food and environmental sensitivities and achieve optimum health...something that we all deserve.

With BioSET™ ( different from NAET ) you will be embarking upon a path of healing that will eliminate chronic health problems and, most principally, provide the necessary tools for reaching and maintaining optimal health. Its method's are noninvasive, and utilize energy medicine, immunology, allergy elimination, organ specific detoxification, enzyme therapy and nutrition in a complete healing system that incorporates 21st century technology with the essential practice of acupressure, chiropractic and nutritional technology.

*based on the Food Allergy Cure book by Dr. Ellen Cutler.