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Carla Wiseman discusses differrent alternative medicine approaches she uses in her practice:

Alternative Medicine over the years, Carla Wiseman has been on an interesting adventure in the pursuit of knowledge related to Energetic Medicine. She has taken several different courses throughout the United States that complement her current status as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbs). The following is an overview of three courses and how they can heal food, environmental, emotional and organ sensitivities or imbalances using alternative medicine therapy such as acupuncture to better health.

The first course Bioset™ is a system that can clear food and environmental sensitivities or allergies. This system is based on a book written by Ellen Cutler, called ‘The Food Allergy Cure’. Carla employed the Bioset™ system when in April of this year she flew to Calgary, Alberta to work with twelve children who are Autistic. She worked extensively for two full days clearing allergies and food sensitivities that were prevalent in these children. Since the treatments mothers have noticed the children have been much ‘calmer’ as well as other subtle changes that were not apparent prior to being treated. Carla is thrilled (as are the parents of the children!) with this progress and will continue to help these children with their condition.

Another wonderful addition to Carla’s repertoire is Neuroemotional Technique™, which acknowledges that there is often an emotional component to digestive imbalances or muscular pain. In order for the body to return to homeostasis (balance) these emotional factors need to be cleared. This is a simple and extremely effective adjunct to any session.

Last but not least is Neurolink™ the most recent course Carla took, which was held in Las Vegas of all places. Neurolink™ is based on the fact that the brain governs the function of all your body systems, including cells, glands, muscles and tissues. In order to treat imbalances in these systems you must go to the source, the brain. Neurolink™ does just that by using the brain as a diagnostic tool to link the brain’s pathways (similar to electrical currents). This helps to restore all systems within the body to optimal function, thereby eliminating disease. People that have trouble concentrating, messy writing, lack self- confidence or are shy for no apparent reason, may benefit from Neurolink™, which along with the aforementioned treatments, is also simple and needle free.