Ear Infections - Children and Acupuncture

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More and more children are complaining of pain and discomfort in the ear and it is a major source of anxiety and sleepless nights for parents and children alike.

Acute otitis media commonly known as and ear infection is described as a severe pain in the ear with possible haring loss, severe vomiting and diarrhea. The eardrum will be red and may have a fluid discharge. Western doctors usually prescribe antibiotics. Some children respond well, but it doesn't treat the core imbalance. More and more children are becoming antibiotic resistant or intolerant.


In TCM (traditional chinese medicine) there are approximately 7 types of ear infections. Three main meridians surrounding the external ear, namely, the gall bladder, san jiao and small intestine. (see illustration)

To assess which type the child has you observe their behavior, do they hold their ear or does pressure aggravate the condition. Check the pulse to see and ask them pertinent questions. The tongue is significant in showing organ imbalance and it is extremely helpful if they will show you it !


meriand head

A simple 3-4 point acupuncture protocol is required. Pain reduces usually immediately with the first treatment, however a follow up may be in order. A dietary suggestion may also be required because certain foods create more heat or cold and can be a causing factor.

meridian hand There are many house hold products that can help reduce infection, clear heat or warm a cold ear. Garlic, lavender and chamomile are just a few handy herbs to keep in the cupboard. Placing a piece of garlic on a gauze over the hand point "hegu" is great to reduce cold and pain in the ear area.

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